Welcome to Inter-Alliance WorldNet Insurance Agents and Advisors

The roots of IAW date back to the mid 1990s with IAWIAA created as a licensed entitity in 2007 to conduct insurance brokerage services within the EU.  Over the years, significant changes have taken place, culminating in what has become one of the largest International IFAs in the world, with representation across Europe.

Passported through the freedom to provide services under article 6 of Directive 2002/92/EC on Insurance IAWIAA are authorized to provide Insurance brokering services in Malta.

As an independent advisors we are not tied to any individual product provider therefore the entire product marketplace is at our disposal. We hold brokerage ties with some of the largest offshore insurance companies worldwide.Our tailor made approach gives our clients the comfort of knowing that we are working with them to create a solution that is realistic to their needs.

This approach is initiated by meeting with a qualified advisor to cover:

a) a more in depth presentation of our services & how you can benefit from them

b) the completion of a fact find to assess your finances

c) a free independent review of any insurance arrangement you may have

d) A tailor made solution to your particular needs & objectives

* Meetings are free of charge, The company is remunerated by means of a commission paid to us by product providers , banks & life assurance companies we represent.
Your potential contract is issued by and payments done to, the relevant product provider. No monies should be payable to IAWIAA.

IAWIAA is regulated in Cyprus by the Insurance Companies Commission Supervisor (Reg No F.0.S.9), and is pass ported to most EU countries. The ICCS is part of the Ministry of Finance.